Клиент Zalessky Farmer brand
Страна Russia
Услуга Development of presentation materials

О работе

Case: Development of presentation materials for the Russian brand for the production of agricultural products «Zalessky Farmer»

A task: Develop presentation materials for the Russian brand for the production of agricultural products «Zalessky Farmer» in English

Purpose: Enter European and Chinese markets

Competitor analysis:

Before starting work on a project, the «Business Boom» team always carries out a set of analytical procedures in order to form the ideal concept and promotion strategy for the client.

For Zalessky Farmer, we found 5 competitors in the same industry in Russia and Europe, studied their structure and analyzed their trade offer.

During negotiations with the customer, it became clear that he wants to enter the Chinese market under a different name — «Farm products», since the Zalessky Farmer brand is unknown to anyone in China.

Previously, for a stronger and more fruitful cooperation, we have developed several layouts of presentation materials and sent them for approval to the customer.

Elaboration of design

After approval of the layouts, the Business Boom team began their detailed study.

It was only at this stage that we signed an agreement with the customer, as we wanted to first show him the result and build trusting relationships.

All the requested basic photos and graphic materials were sent by the customer on time and there were no pauses in the work.

The work began with the elaboration of the first layout.

We made an appointment with the customer for approval. Following the meeting, it was decided to completely revise the structure of the presentation materials and add additional information.

Guided by the above edits, the design team worked out a new concept and presented it for agreement with the customer.

At the final stages of the work, it remained to correct several slides of the presentation. To do this, an additional meeting was made with the customer, the adjustments were agreed, and then they were introduced into the main part of the presentation materials.

After agreeing on the Russian version, we sent the text of the materials for translation into English to our partner agency.

Result: Presentation materials with a good design solution that represent the customer’s products in the best quality.