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- One of the oldest channels of Internet marketing. For over a decade, marketers have been using it to drive traffic and customers. It is not surprising that over such a significant period of time, this tool has overgrown with many myths. These myths distort the understanding of the essence of email marketing and lead to the fact that the online business refuses to use it, while losing one of the most powerful earning channels.

Email Marketing

Letters are sent only to people who voluntarily subscribe to your newsletter. These users are already expressing interest in your brand or the content you are creating and expect to see your emails in their email.

Email marketing is the distribution of interesting user content. A competent email marketer will surely tell his subscribers even before subscribing what they will expect in the newsletter, what topics will be covered in it and how often it will be published.

Email marketing is an honest and absolutely transparent technique for attracting traffic and customers. It not only does not cause negative, but also helps to increase user loyalty to your brand.


Letters are sent to users who did not give their consent to receive them. Such emails either do not reach the addressees at all, because anti-spam filters immediately send them to the Spam folder, or cause a sharp negative.

Spam is usually uninteresting content. Uninteresting for one simple reason - buying a database of ready-made email addresses, you buy a pig in a poke. You do not know what these people are interested in, whether they will like your subject and how they will respond to letters.

Spam often contains fraud. The subject line does not match what is inside. Links lead to irrelevant pages, etc. This tactic is highly negative and can damage the reputation of your brand.

Our advantages

advantages Team of professionals

A team of experts that sent out over 2,000,000 letters

advantages Result orientation

If we took up the project, be sure that we will do the maximum

advantages Work transparency

We provide our clients with a full report on the work done and the results achieved.

advantages A complex approach

When working with the project, we comprehensively solve the business problem, and not just close the need

Email strategy development
Building a follower strategy
Drawing and layout of a letter template
Create conversion texts
Customer approval
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70 %
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95 %
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3 times
The average return on investment is for each dollar invested
44.25 $
The average return on investment is for each dollar invested
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