Client Agro-factory "Naturovo"
Country Russia
Service Landing Page Development

About work

Case: Development of a Landing Page with the implementation of a quiz for Agrofabrika “Naturovo”

Client: Agrofabrika “Naturovo” is a brand for the production and storage of fruits and vegetables.

A task: Develop Landing Page and add a franchise selection quiz to it

Purpose: Carry out an advertising campaign and launch sales of the Naturovo franchise

The target audience: Shop owners, entrepreneurs

A representative of the Naturovo brand contacted the Business Boom agency. They developed their franchise and wanted to sell it through Landing Page and advertising.

We have worked out a technical assignment with the customer. We made the following block structure:

  1. Call to Action (CTA) main block
  2. Block – quiz
  3. Block – objection handling
  4. Feedback block
  5. An example of a successful franchise launch

Development of design according to the terms of reference

In the beginning, it was necessary to determine the concept and basic design solutions.

The customer’s brand is based on natural resources. Hence their corporate colors: green, yellow, white. We decided to stick with this concept and add color by adding bright accents in the form of images of vegetables and fruits.

First block

The website visitor is greeted with bright colors and an appetizing image of a basket of berries with a simple and understandable call to action: “Buy back the Naturovo franchise in just 6 months” + the application button.

Block – quiz

During the development of the technical task, the customer asked develop a quiz called “Pick Your Own Franchise.” Its essence was that the user himself can choose the most favorable conditions for himself. We have implemented this idea in a separate block.

Objection processing

In this block, we have added a description of the advantages of the customer’s company in order to close possible objections of the target audience.

The designer has drawn the icons and thought up a special animation for this block. See for yourself:


The “Reviews” block is an important element of the Landing Page. He demonstrates that there were people who took risks and succeeded.

Franchisee reviews help to close the remaining objections and decide in favor of the purchase.

The prospect of success

The last Landing Page block is designed to finish off a potential client. It is filled with photographs of an already opened Naturovo store and real workers with customers.

It has been proven that photos of real people are always more credible than any other. Therefore, right below the photos, we also placed the CTA button “Leave a request”. This design decision reminds a potential buyer that for similar success, it is enough to simply leave a request.

We submitted the final design to the customer for approval and at the same time sent the content of the landing page to our partners for translation into English.

Then the final touches had to be done:

  1. Create a corporate mail for the customer;
  2. Landing Page on CMS WordPress;
  3. Configure the administrative panel of the website so that the customer can independently make changes without interference;
  4. adapt it for mobile devices.

Result: Adaptive bilingual Landing Page with a quiz for the selection of a product implementation plan.


Mukhtasipov Ivan, Business Development Manager, Digital Agency “Business Boom”