Client LLC "Kronbalt"
Country Russia
Service Development of a corporate website

About work

Case: Development of an adaptive website – a directory in two languages for Kronbalt LLC

Customer: LLC “Kronbalt” is a young, dynamically developing company of international level for the production of lumber and their delivery with an office in Kaliningrad.

A task: To develop a user-friendly website – catalog company, adaptable to different devices and audiences in two languages (Russian and English).

Target settings: Site users should receive complete up-to-date information about the company, its achievements, products, communication options, privacy policy and methods of product delivery.

As a result, there is an increase in brand awareness and an increase in sales.

Beginning of work

Before starting work on the site, it was necessary to register and approve the terms of reference in order to understand what functions the site should perform, and then conclude an agreement with the customer.

The customer wanted the site to have the following sections: catalog, delivery page, photo gallery, blog, about the company and contacts. The customer does not have fixed prices for the goods, therefore, instead of connecting payment systems and the order form, we decided that we would make an application form for a call from the company’s manager for consultation.

Website design

The designer of the Business Boom agency team started with the development of website design prototypes. At the same time, we asked the customer for photos of the workflow, logo, information about the products and the countries where the company is delivering.

Already at this stage, we encountered minor difficulties. The customer sent his logo in a word file. Accordingly, the quality of the logo was not suitable for work, and, as it turned out, the company did not have another. Of course, we could have prototyped a website with a logo like this, but for commercial purposes it didn’t work at all.

There was only one way out: to draw a similar logo anew. The customer agreed with this decision. We completed this task pretty quickly.

For the website we have chosen corporate colors based on the company logo. Namely: green (# 00b400), white (#ffffff), dark gray (# 1b1b1b).

Catalog section – one of the most important on the site. Therefore, it is important that it is simple, informative and intuitive for the user. We divided the company’s products into categories by wood species and added previews – images so that a potential client could immediately see what product he needs or what product he chooses right now.

In the catalog, it is possible to view each product of the company separately using the product card.

Her task: To give the user the most complete information and receive a request for a call.

The card describes:

• complete characteristics of the product;

• the status of its presence;

• quality mark.

Before starting work, we studied the statistics of online traffic for 2020. It turned out that in Russia the share of mobile traffic reached 80%. therefore for development given website we decided to take a different approach than usual. Previously, we developed sites based on the PC version, and then adapted it for other devices.

This time we decided to try a different approach. The design was developed initially for viewing and using on mobile devices, and then adjusted for tablets and personal computers (PCs). This method allowed us to develop an ergonomic design with smooth transitions and animations.


The animation in the project deserves special attention. It is very smooth, does not overload the eyes, does not distract attention and does not make the user wait too long.

For example, to view photos in a product card, we used a very convenient and easy-to-use slider.

For the “Blog” section, we have come up with a convenient unfolding by clicking on the article preview. During development, we adhered to the motto:

  • No long loading times
  • No clicks on links

We also developed an intuitive application form and adapted it for all devices. Now any user can order a manager’s call in 2 clicks.

Website layout and optimization

After the customer approved the design, our developer set to work site layout … The task was non-standard, since before the layout always began with the version for the PC, but this time everything is different. I had to start with the mobile version. This layout method turned out to be not very convenient from the developer’s point of view. The design for the mobile version had to be thought out and stretched for personal computers, which took a lot of time. The complexity of this method casts doubt on its effectiveness, but we got the desired result. The version of the site for smartphones is developed and optimized much better than many others.

In the future, the Business Boom team decided to follow a slightly different method. Now on stage website design development They think over how the design will look for the mobile version and for the PC separately, and then the final versions are sent to the developer for layout. This method also takes a lot of time, but we are ready to sacrifice it in exchange for high quality work.

Difficult to meet standards

In the process of work, we encountered one more labor-consuming moment. The fact is that the customer’s products were certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). The customer wanted to use the photo of the certificate and their logo as a quality mark of the product.

But for this we had to contact the FSC representatives in order to get a list of standards according to which their logo and other information on certification should be placed. We have reviewed this standard. It turned out that in order to post an FSC certificate on the company’s website, it is necessary to create a special advertising panel on the portal of the board of trustees in the company’s personal account. And the login and password from this office were to be given to the customer during certification.

We asked the customer for the account data and created the same advertising panel, and then placed it on the card of each product in accordance with the FSC-STD-50-001 V2-0_RUS standard.


3 months of work – working adaptive site – company directory in two languages.