Client Group of companies in the fishing industry "MaxiFish"
Country Russia
Service Website development and presentation materials

About work

Case: Development of a multilingual website – catalog and presentation for a large group of companies in the fishing industry “MaxiFish”

At the end of 2020, the Business Boom team undertook develop a website for the group of companies “MaxiFish” of the international level in the field of the fishing industry with a network of branches throughout Russia.

At the beginning of cooperation, the Customer set us the following tasks:

  1. To develop multilingual website directory ;
  2. Create presentation materials for the company focused on the Russian and English-speaking markets.

Stages of work:

  1. Elaboration of technical specifications with the customer;
  2. Develop a general concept and website design prototypes;
  3. Register the text content of the site, as well as translate it into English and German;
  4. Approve and finalize the design
  5. Website layout
  6. Development of a company presentation

Goal setting.

At this stage, there are two options: either we get acquainted with the customer’s terms of reference and offer him options for completing tasks, or we ask him to fill out our internal brief on website development in order to identify the wishes and preferences of the client.

In this case, the customer already had a clear understanding of what goals the site’s functionality should pursue:

  • Find new clients in the international market;
  • Tell about the company and its partners;
  • Tell about the product of production and acquaint a potential client with the prices for the company’s products;
  • Increase the level of trust in the group of companies.

In addition to the goals, we also worked with the customer on some technical and design aspects for further work on the site.

Development of a general concept of website design.

Since we developed a website for the company in the field of the fishing industry, the marine theme suggested itself. However, we were not going to make a template site in blue-white-blue colors. The site is the face of the company. Therefore, our task is: To show the potential client of the Customer a high level of quality in everything.

The main colors of the site are: dark shades of blue, white and golden ocher. This decision was not made by chance. In psychology, blue evokes a sense of trust in people. Therefore, the designer of the “Business Boom” team has developed the concept of playing of contrasts. The combination of water and earth, flexibility of mind and firmness of decisions made, embodying the activity and spirit of the customer’s company.

Working title of the idea: “Trout on the beach”

At this stage, there were some hiccups in the work. This was due to the fact that the Customer is a very busy person. As a result, the process of coordinating the work was delayed. This difficulty required a specific solution, so the Business Boom team adjusted to the Customer’s schedule. We were always in touch and ready to resolve business issues even outside of working hours. Everything in order not to delay the project execution time and build a workflow with the Customer within the framework of our policy of an individual approach to each client.

This strategy resulted in an approved design. Further, the in-house copywriter prescribed the content of the site, and the text was handed over to the translator. One of the main qualities of the site was to be multilingual. Therefore, it was necessary to consult a specialist with knowledge of English and German.

Website layout and optimization

At this stage, the website design was handed over to the developer in order to make the layout. We developed this site on the WordPress platform.

What was done?

The structure of the site is designed to resemble the Landing page format and not overload the user’s eyes. At the same time, this is still the same site – a catalog where you can see the assortment of goods, prices, the latest news, study the company and contact its representatives

Following current trends, we have added interactive elements and animations;

Added a map to the site with a picture of the company’s geography;

We developed a whole interactive block depicting the production process and pricing of the company;

According to the latest research, more than 80% of internet traffic at the end of 2020 comes from mobile devices, which is why the Business Boom team adapted an already developed website for smartphones , tablets and other devices

Presentation of the company

While the process of filling, layout and optimization of the site was going on, the designer was developing the presentation of the customer’s company brand.

The presentation materials served the same purpose as the website. They had to talk about the company and inspire the prospect’s trust. Each slide had its own purpose:

Slide 1: “About the company”. In the presentation, the designer kept the same color palette that we previously used for the site. This decision was made so that the user of the site, who had previously watched the presentation, did not experience dissonance. He finds himself in an already familiar environment, which helps to increase the conversion from the site.

Slide 2: “Areas of activity”. This slide is intended to tell you about the direction of the company’s movement. Starting with fish farming and ending with the world trade in fish products.

Slide 3, 10 and 11: “History”, “Certificates”, “Partners”. It is important to tell as much as possible about the company and keep it short. It is necessary to show the potential client that the Customer has been working in the market for a long time and has already managed to establish himself as a quality supplier

Slide 4.5: Geography. Demonstrates to a potential client the existence of the company and the presence of offices where you can turn.

Slide 6: “Value chain”. Explains production processes and pricing.

Thus, the Business Boom team completed the client’s tasks. As a result, we:

    1. Developed a multilingual website – catalog;
    2. Prepared presentation materials in the same style as the website.

Mukhtasipov Ivan, Business Development Manager, Digital Agency “Business Boom”