Client The company for the manufacture of products from amber "Amber Magic"
Country Russia
Service Website development

About work

Case: Development of a website – a catalog of a new product line of the company “Amber Magic”

Client: A company for the manufacture of amber products in the Kaliningrad region.

Product: Cosmetics made from natural amber.

A task: To develop a bilingual adaptive website – a catalog for a new product line of the company.


  1. Create a brand for a new product line of the company;
  2. Attract new customers, motivate them to buy.

Audience analysis

Before starting work on a project, the “Business Boom” team always carries out a set of analytical procedures in order to form the ideal concept and promotion strategy for the client.

For “Amber Maagic” we found 5 sites – competitors in the same industry in Russia and Europe, studied their structure and analyzed traffic using the SimilarWeb service.

An understanding of the flow of potential customers of the customer has appeared, and how we can direct this flow to new website

We sent a brief to the customer for filling. Then they made an appointment to approve all the details of the project.

At the meeting, we got acquainted with the already completed brief, developed a structure, chose the main brand colors, desired functions, audience, graphic elements and animation.

Development of layouts

Before starting work, we organized a photo session of the customer’s products in order to use only high-quality and attractive content on the future website.

While the photo materials were being processed, the design team of the Business Boom agency began to form a competitive design solution based on the collected data at the analysis stage.

The following primary colors were chosen for the website: shades of amber (Yellow, orange), black and shades of gray to contrast with bright amber accents and create a cozy atmosphere of a natural quality product. White was used for white space to make the website easier on the eyes of the users.

In accordance with the terms of reference, website structure should have been as follows:

  1. Home page
  2. Section “New items”
  3. Catalog
  4. Bestsellers
  5. About products
  6. About the brand
  7. Promotions
  8. Contacts

We have also added a shopping cart, a search and a “Favorites” section for ordering.

The final layouts were presented to the customer for approval. The negotiation went well and we could continue working.

Website design development:

The approved layouts served as a framework for building up our design solution.

On the main page, we have located the catalog sections, new items and the most popular products.

The peculiarity of the design solution of the main page is covered in the “Catalog” section. When you click on it, you will not be immediately taken to the full list of products. First, you will be asked to choose a category that is interesting.

At the bottom of the main page, we have placed brief information about the brand, products, its benefits and a block with promotions.

In the “Catalog” section, we have structured all products by care category so that the user can immediately find the right product.

At the bottom of the catalog there is a section “Promotions” to show the client the positions of the goods at more affordable prices.

Thus, the website gives a hint on how you can save on your purchase. This customer care is a hallmark our projects

In addition to an image and a simple description, we have added a list of active components that are part of the product to the product card. Now a person entering the site understands exactly what he wants to buy.

A map and a picture of the company building have been added to the contacts section for more accurate navigation.

We have developed a shopping cart in the form of a list, in which the buyer can see the number of products, their cost separately, the total amount, as well as use a promo code for a discount and place an order.

At the stage of design approval, the customer asked to change the images of amber stones, since the previous version of drawing stones did not fit.

We always meet and listen to the customer during work in order to achieve the best result.

After changing the design of the stones, the design was transferred to the developer for layout.

Website layout

Layout is the longest and most painstaking part of website development. The developer wrote the scripts, worked through the animations, and laid out each block. Then it was necessary to integrate the shopping cart on the site with the payment system.

When website development For cosmetic and jewelry products, it is very important to add the zoom function to the product card so that the user can familiarize himself with each product in detail and choose the perfect one for himself. Even if it’s just shampoo. After all, many people choose by the cover.

Then we connected the webmaster and set up the administrative panel, so that the customer would later be able to independently edit the information on the site.

We also registered the Title description and prepared the basis for SEO – website promotion.

At the end of the work, we adapted the website for other devices and made SEO – site optimization to increase its loading speed, as well as the loading speed of images and product cards.

We managed to overclock this parameter to 89 points in the Desktop version and up to 73 points in the mobile version, which is a pretty good indicator for a catalog site.

Result: We were able to develop a bilingual responsive website – a catalog for the new product line of the company “Amber Magic”. We achieved our goals and were able to accelerate the optimization of the website to a good level.


Mukhtasipov Ivan, Business Development Manager, Digital Agency “Business Boom”