Client Company for the production of fences for private houses "IronMarkt"
Country Russia
Service Website development and presentation materials

About work

Case: Development of a website and presentation materials for the company for the production of fences for private houses “IronMarkt”

Client: Company for the production of fences for private houses.

A task: Design a bilingual responsive website for a company for the production of fences for private houses + presentation materials in English.


  1. Attract new customers and motivate them to order fences from IronMarkt;
  2. To inspire confidence and convince a potential client of the company’s professionalism.

Audience analysis

Before starting work on a project, the “Business Boom” team always carries out a set of analytical procedures in order to form the ideal concept and promotion strategy for the client.

For IronMarkt, we found 10 sites – competitors in the same industry in Russia and Europe, studied their structure and conducted traffic analysis using the SimilarWeb service.

An understanding of the flow of potential customers of the customer has appeared, and how we can direct this flow to new website …

We sent a brief to the customer for filling. Then we made an appointment to discuss all the details of the project.

At the meeting, we got acquainted with the already completed brief, developed a structure, chose the main brand colors, desired functions, audience, graphic elements and the presence of animation.

Presentation materials

We started with working out the layouts of presentation materials, as similar experience allowed us to save costs when developing a website.

To develop the design of presentation materials and for the site in the future, the designer of the “Business Boom” team collected typography and chose a contrast color palette from shades of gray and orange.

The main purpose of the presentation materials: attract potential customers, tell about the company, its capabilities and product.

After working out the layouts, we presented them to the customer for approval. We made several changes in the structure and approved the basis of the presentation.

Usually, the first slide is designed to surprise the potential client, so that he wants to see what will happen next. However, this time the customer has a specific industry, so the first slide was developed intriguing, not saying anything specific, but at the same time provoking interest.

Next, we added a slide describing the customer’s company against a white background contrasting with the first slide.

The following slides were designed to highlight the services and benefits of IronMarkt.

We periodically added slides with specific services and types of fences, along with a description of the work process, to show the professionalism of the customer, while maintaining a single color palette.

We also added slides with examples of implemented products of the company to create the desired impression.

Each slide is a continuation and addition to the previous one, which creates a single idea for professionals in their field. At the same time, we took into account all the wishes of the customer during development and agreed on all the details of the project without hesitation.

Website design development

This stage took less time than usual, as we already had a well-developed concept thanks to presentation materials and similar experience. And from the analysis it became clear what kind of audience the customer has. Therefore, we immediately took up the development of site layouts.

The layouts also had to be agreed with the customer. We introduced a couple of details with the customer and approved the layouts.

The next step: finalize the design in accordance with the terms of reference.

On the main screen, a banner was placed with a brief description of the services and the opportunity to get acquainted with more detailed information.

The main page in the project is, in fact, both a business card of the company and a navigator on the website, since we have placed every service of the company on it along with product cards.

We also coordinated the design with the customer. The whole process took about 1 working week.

We handed over the text – the content of the site to our partners for translation into English, and the developer at that time had already started the layout of the website according to the approved design.

Website layout

Layout is the longest process in website creation … The developer worked through the animations, wrote the scripts and laid out the blocks. During the discussion of the technical task, the customer wished to add a personal account and the ability to enter it through the user’s social networks.

It took time to implement, but there was nothing difficult in developing a personal account for us.

Then we connected the webmaster and set up the administrative panel, so that the customer would later be able to independently edit the information on the site.

We also registered the Title description and prepared the basis for SEO – website promotion.

Result: We were able to develop a bilingual responsive website for a private house fence company + presentation materials in English. We achieved our goals and were able to meet the customer’s requirements.

Mukhtasipov Ivan, Business Development Manager, Digital Agency “Business Boom”