Client Tour operator company "Baltic Voyage"
Country Russia
Service Website development and presentation materials

About work

Case: Development of a website and presentation materials for the tour operator “Baltic Voyage”

Client: The company is a tour operator in the Kaliningrad region.

A task: Design a bilingual responsive website for the company of the tour operator + presentation materials.


  1. Attract new clients, motivate a person to book a tour at Baltic Voyage;
  2. To inspire confidence and convince a potential client of the company’s professionalism.

Audience analysis

Before starting work on a project, the “Business Boom” team always carries out a set of analytical procedures in order to form the ideal concept and promotion strategy for the client.

For Baltic Voyage, we found 5 sites – competitors in the same industry in Russia and Europe, studied their structure and analyzed traffic using the SimilarWeb service.

An understanding of the flow of potential customers of the customer has appeared, and how we can direct this flow to new website

We sent a brief to the customer for filling. Then they made an appointment to approve all the details of the project.

At the meeting, we got acquainted with the already completed brief, developed a structure, chose the main brand colors, desired functions, audience, graphic elements and the presence of animation.

Stage 1

We decided to work out the presentation materials first, and then develop a website in the same style. This was the customer’s wish.

To develop the design of presentation materials and for the site later, the designer of the Business Boom team collected typography and chose a contrasting color palette of shades of blue and yellow.

The main purpose of the presentation materials was: attracting clients from abroad, so they were developed in English.

The first page should grab attention and make you want to scroll through the presentation further, so we used a lot of elements and designs to create a “WOW” effect.

Then we decided to show the list of the company’s services so that the potential client immediately understands how Baltic Voyage can help him.

Separate slides were highlighted for the most popular types of tourism in order to show the potential client the possible prospects in a more colorful way.

Presentation materials designed in the same style. Each next slide emphasizes the impression from the previous one. We tried to focus on the visuals. Work out the content of the materials in such a way as to use a minimum of text and give the maximum of useful information to a potential client.

The completed presentation design was submitted to the client for approval. During the development, we took into account all the wishes, so the approval was quick. It was possible to move on to the next stage.

Website design development

This stage took less time than usual, since we already had a well-developed concept thanks to the presentation materials. And from the analysis it became clear what kind of audience the customer has. Therefore, we immediately took up the development of site layouts.

The layouts also had to be agreed with the customer. We agreed to meet. Corrected a couple of details and approved the layouts.

The next step: finalize the design in accordance with the terms of reference.

On the main screen, a banner was placed with a brief description of the services and the opportunity to get acquainted with more detailed information.

The design team came up with a special solution for the banner: buttons in the form of icons that allow you to switch between banners at will, and immediately make it clear what the next image the user will switch to.

Such a design solution allows a potential client to find the desired service in just a couple of clicks. Such a manifestation of customer care helps to increase their loyalty and the level of trust in the company.

Looking ahead, I will say that this detail was especially liked by the customer at the stage of approval. We were delighted to exceed his expectations in this regard.

This is how the above icons looked at the development stage:

And so on the site itself:

The main page in the project is, in fact, both a business card of the company and a navigator on the website, since we have placed every service of the company on it along with product cards.

Thus, the user can easily find the desired tour and find out all the information in one click. This is a feature of the project.

We have also highlighted tours and excursions in separate sections.

The most important sections in the list are transfers and hotels, but more on them later.

We also coordinated the design with the customer. The whole process took about 1 working week.

We handed over the text – the content of the site to our partners for translation into English, and the developer at that time had already started the layout of the website according to the approved design.

Website layout

At this stage, we had to go through more complex processes. The developer worked through the animations, wrote the scripts and laid out the blocks.

The customer’s company has a fleet of vehicles for the transportation of customers in Russia. The customer also cooperates with the site for the selection and booking of hotels “”. The developer was faced with the task of adding forms for booking a car and booking a hotel room on the customer’s website and integrating them.

It was decided to separate them into separate sections:

  1. Section “Transfer”, where the user can choose a suitable transport.

  1. Section “Hotels”, where you can find the desired hotel and book a room in it. This is done to save time and user input.It was necessary to write special scripts and set up the integration between services. It took a decent amount of time, but now everything works like a Swiss watch. Next task for the developer: adapt the website for various devices. Shrink and displace the blocks so that the user would be as comfortable as possible using the website on a smartphone, tablet or computer. After adaptation, the mobile version of the website looked like this:

    The next step: optimization. Fast website loading speed, image loading speed, loading time for interaction – all these parameters affect the user’s feeling of comfort when he comes to the website. If it loads too slowly, there is a risk of losing the client. This is the importance of optimization.

    We managed to pump this parameter to a good result of 83 points during development.Then the final touches had to be done:

    1. Create a corporate mail for a customer
    2. Land a website on CMS WordPress
    3. Configure the admin panel of the website so that the customer can make changes on his own without interference.

    Upon completion of the work, we handed over the site and presentation materials to the client. He was pleased.

    Result: Working adaptive website of the tour operator in two languages and presentation materials of the company in the same style.

    Mukhtasipov Ivan, Business Development Manager, Digital Agency “Business Boom”