Client Travel company "Azbuka Turov"
Country Russia
Service Development of presentation materials

About work

Case: Development of presentation materials for the travel company “Azbuka Turov”

Client: Travel company “Azbuka Turov” located in Kaliningrad. Official representative of the tour operator “Interlux”

A task: Develop presentation materials in English and Russian with information on tourism services in Kaliningrad.

Purpose: Attract foreign tourists and motivate them to use the services of the Azbuka Turov company

Competitor analysis:

Before starting work on a project, the “Business Boom” team always carries out a set of analytical procedures in order to form the ideal concept and promotion strategy for the client.

For Azbuka Turov, we found 10 competitors in the same industry in Russia and abroad, studied their structure and analyzed their trade offer. Created a portrait of the client.

Previously, for a stronger and more fruitful cooperation, “Azbuka Turov” provided references as an example of the desired result. And we, in turn. developed several layouts of presentation materials and sent them for approval to the customer.

Design development

After the approval of the layouts, we continued to work on presentation materials. They had to be universal for both the Russian and the American – European market. Therefore, it was necessary to develop a company logo in English.

In parallel with this task, the designer worked out the structure of the presentation and submitted it to the customer for approval.

The structure was approved, and then the representative of “Azbuka Turov” handed over the necessary materials and information about the company, which needed to be included in the final product of the development.

We needed to reflect in the materials:

1.Capabilities of the company;


2. List of services;

3. Hot tours in the Kaliningrad region with a description of the program of each day.

The client asked to include a tour for children without fail to show the company’s capabilities from all sides.

We have added a map of the Kaliningrad region so that a potential client can immediately trace for himself the possible route of the tour and have an idea of the prospects of this or that tour.

The final design of the presentation materials was presented to the customer for approval.

After the Russian version was approved, the text of the materials was sent to our partners for translation.

Result: Presentation materials with a good design solution in two languages that present the customer’s service in the best possible light and attract attention.

Mukhtasipov Ivan, Business Development Manager, Digital Agency “Business Boom”