Client Tatiana Goz - owner and director of the TanyaGoz Jewelery jewelry house
Country Russia-Germany
Service Website development and branding

About work

Case: Website development – catalog and corporate identity for the jewelry house “TanyaGoz Jewelery”

Customer: Tatiana Goz is the owner and director of the TanyaGoz Jewelery jewelry house located in the Kaliningrad region.

Product: Amber jewelry in gold and silver.

A task: Develop a corporate identity for a brand , key-visuals, as well as a website – a catalog in German for entering the German market.

The website should contain: a catalog of goods, information about the company, a table of jewelry sizes, a section “Company Blog”, a basket with the ability to buy jewelry online, information about the delivery of goods, connect payment systems.

Since the structure of the task to the agency “Business Boom” was quite complicated, we decided to divide it into blocks and carry it out step by step so as not to delay the project deadline:

  1. Creation of brand ideology and development of trade visual images;
  2. Website development … Design, layout and integration.

Branding. Corporate style design + Key – visual

We built the corporate identity of the jewelry house around the personality of the customer. Therefore, to begin with, we conducted a short interview with Tatiana herself and asked to describe in a nutshell how she sees her brand.

Further, all the work was based on the following ideological keywords:

  • Sea;
  • Sky;
  • Freedom;
  • Elegance;
  • Femininity;
  • The continuity of generations.

The designer worked out the main color scheme of the brand, as well as accent shades and typography.

Key-visuals were designed in the style of women’s fashion magazines in order to increase the brand’s credibility in the eyes of the audience. They embody the theme of the sea, femininity and freedom, which the client asked us to put into the basis of the entire project.

At this stage, there were some difficulties associated with finding the most suitable design solution. From the logo to the highlight covers for Instagram Stories.

Usually in such projects it is difficult to please the customer, so we always develop several final options in order to make it possible to choose the best one. However, the amount of development and preliminary research consumed a lot of time, so the work plan had to be changed and the deadlines were reduced by website development

It was a challenge as we needed to get the same job done in less time without sacrificing quality.

Website development. Design and layout

The fact that we already had a solid brand concept helped speed up the website design process.

We needed to create a catalog with the ability to buy products online through the shopping cart. This task was reflected in the final design in the form of catalog elements on the main page of the site. As a result, the Customer became the face of its own brand.

We have done a tremendous job of exploring the niche and developing a visual product for the customer, namely:

  • We have studied in detail the German market in the field of the jewelry industry, highlighted the characteristics and strengths of competitors in order to detach from them the formation of the brand and the development of the website.
  • Taking into account the peculiarities of the customer’s jewelry house and the German jewelry industry market, we have compiled a competent structure of the site, highlighting the main sections of the website “Catalog”, “Promotions”, “Size table”, “Delivery”, the section “About the company”, “Blog” and “Contacts”.
  • In the catalog, we have added filters by product type, product popularity, and decreasing or increasing cost.

  • In the product card, you can see full information about the product, its cost, add the product to the basket, and you can also add it to your “favorites” so as not to lose it while using the site.

  • When it comes to jewelry, it is very important to be able to look at the product up close and study every detail in order to understand whether you like the jewelry or not. Therefore, we added a dynamic magnifier to the card, which follows the mouse cursor and turns on when you hover over the product photo. Thus, the potential client has the opportunity to examine the product in detail from all sides. During our market research, we have rarely seen such an option.

  • It was important to correctly design the “Contacts” and “Delivery” pages so that the foreign client would understand where the desired decoration would come from and at what time. In the section with contacts, a feedback form has also been added to receive inquiries with possible questions from customers.

  • We also added a personal account for delivering goods to a client, as well as for receiving individual offers and bonuses.

At the final stage, we connected payment systems to the site and made site optimization

Result: We developed a corporate identity for a jewelry brand in accordance with the latest trends in the European market, key-visuals and a website – a catalog in German with a marketplace function in 60 working days.


Mukhtasipov Ivan, Business Development Manager, Digital Agency “Business Boom”