Client ScanViz Lidar Systems
Country Russia
Service Website development

About work

Case: Website development for IT company ScanViz

Client: ScanViz Lidar Systems is a Russian developer specializing in the production of equipment for mobile laser scanning.

A task: To develop modern adaptive Web site focused on the Russian and European markets.

Feature of the project : narrow specialization and high cost of the company’s product – the client. If you were interested in more details about the cost and features, you can watch this on the customer’s website

Audience analysis

Before starting work on a project, the “Business Boom” team always carries out a set of analytical procedures in order to form the ideal concept and promotion strategy for the client.

For ScanViz, we found 5 sites – competitors in the same or related industry in Russia and Europe, studied their structure and analyzed their traffic using the SimilarWeb service.

An understanding of the flow of potential customers of the customer has appeared, and how we can direct this flow to new website …

Developed with the team structure and the concept website … We sent the customer for approval and approved the terms of reference with him.

Website design

At the beginning, it was necessary to develop site layouts and send them to the customer for approval.

In accordance with the terms of reference, the site should have had the following blocks:

  1. Home page;
  2. Software;
  3. Products
  4. news
  5. About company
  6. Examples of
  7. Support
  8. Contacts

When choosing color solutions, we relied on the corporate colors of the customer’s company and his preferences. Namely: # 055e74, # 000e19, #ffffff, # 005ed2 – for the “scope” block, # 303030.

There were no problems at this stage. The layouts were agreed, and we could start a full-fledged design development.

During our work, we wanted the site to create the right impression of ScanViz as a promising IT company, a future market leader.

To attract attention, the designer came up with the idea of placing on the main screen an animated image in the form of many points against the background of the city, which changes direction following the mouse cursor.

We have also placed on the home page a series of images that visualize the scope of the company’s product.


So it is easier for a potential client to understand how he can use the customer’s product in his activities.

Then the designer worked out in detail each section of the site. We added a description of the product, its varieties and held a photo session of the customer’s company products + rendered 3d models. The final images were posted on the site.


Added a separate “Software” section to add a description of the software for managing ScanViz devices.

In the “Contacts” section, we have added a map and a feedback form so that a potential client can contact the company in any convenient or accessible way.

Upon completion of the work, the design was sent to the customer for approval. In the process, he asked for color corrections (The colors mentioned above are the approved final). Next, we transferred the content of the site in Russian to our partners for translation into English, in order to add a second language. After agreement, we moved on to the next stage.

Website layout

To make up a site for ScanViz, we had to spend a little more time than we had planned. It’s about animation. Layout of images that follow the cursor in waves is a painstaking job. But we wanted to give the customer a result, so we tried to do it as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality.

The next step was to adapt the site for various types of devices and add the English language.

Now all that remained was to agree on the layout with the customer. We met and he approved everything. The matter was small: to install the site on the CMS and work out the administrative panel so that the customer was able to independently make changes on the site, edit information, control interactions and promote your website

Result : Modern website for IT company in two languages, adapted for different devices.

Mukhtasipov Ivan, Business Development Manager, Digital Agency “Business Boom”