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One of the best traffic acquisition tools for a business


Is the most trusted and trusted internet marketing channel. For over a decade, marketers have been using it to attract customers. True, now the understanding of this tool has been distorted, and the essence of email marketing is forgotten. Therefore, online businesses are increasingly forced to respond to one of the most powerful advertising channels.

Contextual advertising tools


Emails are received only by subscribers to your mailing list. This audience is inherently interested in a brand, product, or service. Therefore, they expect to see your letter in their inbox.


Email marketing is the distribution of content that is extremely interesting to the user. A correct marketing strategy must necessarily include warning subscribers about the newsletter, its topic and frequency of sending.


Email marketing is an honest and transparent technique for driving traffic. This approach to email marketing not only does not cause any negativity, but on the contrary, increases audience loyalty to the brand.


Emails come to users who did not subscribe to the newsletter. Such emails either go straight to the Spam folder, or instantly cause negative attitudes towards the brand.


Spam is generally useless content. Its uselessness lies in the fact that when you buy a database of email addresses, you do not know what these people are interested in. Therefore, the chance that they will like your newsletter is negligible.


Spam often contains false information. The subject line does not match the content of the volume. Links lead to irrelevant pages, etc. This tactic generates harsh negativity and can damage your reputation.

Our advantages

card_icon Team of professionals

We brought together specialists from various marketing areas who have implemented more than 140 projects in order to increase the maximum efficiency several times.

card_icon Result orientation

We solve problems of any complexity due to the desire to show the maximum result and the exchange of experience in the team

card_icon Transparency of work

2 times a month we provide our clients with a full report on the work done and the results achieved

card_icon A complex approach

While working on a project, we do not just provide a service, but we eliminate the main problem that prevents the client's profit from increasing

Work process

High quality indicators


Users opens our emails


who opened found the content useful


times the profitability exceeds the investment


Average Return on Email Investment

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