Newsletter by messengers: Viber, Telegram, Whatsapp, Facebook

Messengers are a constantly evolving marketing tool with endless application possibilities. With its help, the "Business Boom" team is able to gather your target audience in one place and promote your product, brand or service.


Is a modern format of virtual communication, which is aimed at users of mobile devices. At the same time, the audience of the most popular services in Russia: Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, is increasing every day. This is a great tool for finding and retaining customers for a business, as it allows you to reach the maximum audience.

Why do you need audience targeting?

Audience targeting means targeting your email messages to specific segments of your target audience. This is necessary primarily in order for the information or advertising to be seen by the target users who may be interested in it. You will not waste your funds and will be able to reduce your advertising budget.

We can use different types of targeting

The use of targeting allows you to squeeze the maximum result from the mailing by messengers


Geo targeting

Allows you to highlight the target audience by geography. For example, if you need clients from St. Petersburg, then it makes no sense to launch a target for the whole of Russia.


Time targeting

Allows you to determine the time of displaying an ad or publication. You can set the required days of the week, time of day.


Demographic targeting

Allows you to set biological search filters: age, gender, etc.

The main advantages of instant messengers

In contrast to the usual advertising, personal mailing in Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram has a more accentuated impact on the user. Its main advantages:

card_icon Availability

Sending messages to instant messengers is much cheaper than SMS messages. In addition, users at any time will be able to familiarize themselves not only with the content of your messages, but also with your other products.

card_icon Diversity

Messengers make it possible to send and receive diverse information with virtually no restrictions. It can be text, audio files, images, videos and various documentation.

card_icon Convenience

The user can easily and quickly contact the sender of the message using the mobile application, absolutely free of charge.

card_icon Informativeness

Messengers allow you to send huge amounts of information in a matter of seconds.

card_icon Loyalty

Such mailing is rarely perceived aggressively, as the user can immediately distinguish useful content from spam. Thus, the audience always has a choice: to open your message or not.

card_icon Fast reaction

In the modern world, we always keep in touch, so mobile devices are always at hand and the likelihood of a quick response increases.

card_icon Long-term exposure

All important information remains with the user in the message history. (for example, individual discounts or contact details for advertisers). Therefore, it is almost impossible to lose it.

card_icon Legality

Since 2014, there has been an active fight against telephone spam. Therefore, many companies, in order to avoid additional difficulties, have given preference to mailings through instant messengers. This does not violate applicable law.

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