Setting up and maintaining contextual advertising

We will attract clients from the group of advertising systems Google and Yandex. We will increase the efficiency and optimize the advertising budget using web analytics

Contextual advertising tools


Search advertising in Yandex and Google

Displaying text ads on the first pages of Yandex and Google search engines by keywords. Maintenance and optimization of advertising campaigns


Banner advertising

Advertisements - banners on the pages of search engines and subsidiary services Yandex and Google. Designed to increase the flow of traffic to the client's site



Showing advertisements to users who have already visited the client's site and are potentially interested in goods and services, but are not yet ready to buy


Advertising in Gmail

Sending advertisements to Gmail, received as "Promotions". A convenient method to inform the client about promotions and discounts without the risk of getting into spam


YouTube video ads

Advertising hosted on YouTube, the world's most popular video service, offering short videos and the ability to display video ads and banners reaching audiences around the world

Our advantages

card_icon Fair price

In principle, we do not work for% of clients' income - we only take remuneration for our services. No more no less

card_icon Result orientation

We solve problems of any complexity due to the desire to show results and the exchange of experience in the team: If the selected service does not meet expectations, we will not shrug our shoulders, but will offer an alternative solution

card_icon Transparency of work

Once a month, we provide our clients with a full report on the work done and the results achieved

card_icon A complex approach

While working on a project, we do not just provide a service, but we eliminate the main problem that prevents the client's profit from increasing

Our competencies


Процесс работы

High quality indicators


times the organic traffic of the website increases

By65 %

the conversion of website traffic into applications will increase

By73 %

the cost of the application will be reduced


the return on investment will increase by times

What does the cost depend on?

Number of requests in the semantic core arrow

Before starting work, we collect the semantic core, which consists of requests for which the advertising campaign will be configured. At the same time, unnecessary requests are collected and must be manually excluded. It takes a lot of time.

Number of tools used arrow

Each tool (search ads, banner ads, retargeting, mailbox ads, dynamic remarketing, etc.) requires funds from the client's budget and specialist time. Therefore, a set of 2 or more tools increases the cost of the service.

Difficulty setting up analytics arrow

Setting up analytics for filling out forms on the Landing Page does not take much time, and setting up an e-commerce for an online store is much more difficult. Therefore, the more difficult the task, the higher the cost of the project.

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