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Landing page

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It is a one-page website with information about a product or service.

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Corporate website

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Contains information about the activities of the company, contact information, a list of services or a catalog of goods.

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Internet shop

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A site with the ability to make online sales through a payment system.

1. Quick start
2. Constant availability to the user without a work schedule
3. Wide audience coverage

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Business card website

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One or more pages with information about a company, brand, or individual.

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Promo site

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A small bright site for advertising a new brand or a specific product / service.

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Our advantages

card_icon Team of professionals

We have brought together specialists from different areas of marketing who have implemented more than 140 projects in order to increase the maximum efficiency several times.

card_icon Any complexity

We solve problems of any complexity due to the desire to show results and the exchange of experience in the team

card_icon Unique design

We embody clients' fantasies in our unique design and combine them with modern trends in the field of Digital development.

card_icon Adaptive layout

We always stay on the wave of modern web development and create responsive websites for all types of devices.

Work process

Quality assurance

90 days warranty service arrow

During the warranty period, we will eliminate any problems or errors that arise absolutely free of charge.

Promotional Consulting arrow

Free 1st consultation, as well as further support while working on your project

Bonuses arrow

1. Free analysis of competitors' traffic
2. Video instruction on the operation and administration of your site

What does the cost depend on?

Site type arrow

The amount of work when developing a landing page or an online store is different. Development of one page without additional modules or an online store on a CMS system with a basket and the possibility of payment - these two types are from the very beginning in different weight categories. Accordingly, the cost will differ significantly.

Complexity of elements arrow

Non-standard website design, including complex animations, large or constantly changing images on the site, as well as individual decisions - all this affects the final cost.

Additional modules arrow

Adding blocks for the Landing Page, new sections on the site or positions in the catalog, as well as interactive elements like the function of zooming in the image in the product card or adding geolocation to the "Contacts" section - all these indicators affect the overall assessment and the final cost of the project.

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