Messengers is a modern format of virtual communication that is aimed at users of various mobile platforms.

Instant messengers

- this is a modern format of virtual communication, which is aimed at users of various mobile platforms. At the same time, the audience of the most popular services in Russia: Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, is growing rapidly every day. As a result, the distribution service for electronic instant messengers is attractive in terms of the possibility of reaching the maximum number of users. Targeting allows you to select the target audience by gender, age, place of residence, etc. Our mailing services for electronic instant messengers are indispensable in modern business. This approach makes it much easier for customers to search for the product they need, quickly inform about special offers, organize effective customer support, etc. We are ready to offer you effective mailings, both to our databases and to customer databases.

Why audience targeting? Audience targeting involves targeting newsletters to specific segments of the target audience. This is necessary in the first place so that information or advertising is seen precisely by those users who may be interested in it. You will not spend your money in vain and can significantly reduce the advertising budget.

We can use different types of targeting:


Geo-targeting, which allows you to select the target audience by geography. For example, if you need buyers exclusively on the territory of Moscow, it is natural that there is no need to do newsletters throughout the Russian Federation.


Time targeting, which makes it possible to set the time for displaying information. You can set the necessary days of the week, time of day.


Demographic targeting that allows you to set the age and gender of users.

With this approach to sending to electronic instant messengers, it gives the maximum return, and you do not waste your money.

The main advantages of this newsletter

Unlike conventional advertising, personalized newsletter in Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram has a more accented impact on the user. Its main advantages:


Sending messages to electronic messengers is much cheaper than notifications in the format of ordinary SMS.


Messengers provide the ability to send not only text information, but also pictures, business cards, etc.


The user can simply and quickly contact the sender of the message using a mobile application absolutely free.

Informational content.

Electronic mailing allows you to send long messages up to 1000 characters.


For users, this newsletter is less annoying. The target audience does not perceive it aggressively.

Quick response.

Potential customers always have mobile devices at hand and the likelihood of a quick response is very high.

Affordable price.

This is the most profitable solution in mobile marketing.

Long term exposure.

Potential customers retain all important information (for example, individual discounts or contact details of advertisers).


Since 2014, there has been an active fight against telephone spam. Therefore, many companies prefer mailing lists through Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram. This does not violate applicable law.

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