Creating a corporate identity of a company is our work with meanings and associations, based on in-depth analysis of both the data provided by the customer and the materials collected regarding the image and brands of competitors.


Corporate identity - these are competently selected within the meaning of constant graphic and text elements, with which you can establish the belonging of an object to a particular company. Thus, corporate identity implies registration in one color gamut, one style of the company's products, its advertising, premises, uniforms of employees, printing, etc.

Significance of corporate identity

Lost among many competitors is simple, but to stand out and remain in the memory of consumers is not an easy and impossible task if you do not have a corporate identity.

“Corporate identity” (or “corporate identity”, “corporate identity”, “corporate identity”) is a combination of visual elements with an information context, as well as an overall strategy that are the hallmark of a particular company, and also work to create a positive image of your firms, enhancing the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, growing trust in your business and its fame in the eyes of partners and consumers.

These include: font, color set, logo, business cards, envelope, letterhead. Also, corporate identity may include other elements. eg:

  • tagline
  • folder
  • booklet
  • packaging
  • web site
  • POS materials
  • souvenir products
  • outdoor advertising
  • etc

Just as when building a house, the foundation is laid first, so when you open a business, the initial stage creates a corporate identity. The corporate identity or, otherwise, the corporate style of the company is the image of the company, which, subsequently, is present in all advertising materials of the company, branded products, outdoor advertising, the interior of the office, work clothes of the company.

The task of the designer in developing the corporate identity is to create a vivid and memorable image of the company, its products or services. Corporate identity should not only distinguish the company from the general mass of competitors, but also set potential clients and partners to cooperate, inspire trust and promote a positive reputation.

Corporate identity development

Main elements

Basic set
  • Company
  • Font
  • Personal
    and business cards
  • Corporate
    business cards
  • Document Form
    (for printing)
  • Electronic version
    of the document form
  • A4 envelope
Extended set

  • Documentation
    • Documentation
    • Email
    • Fax form
    • A4 folder
    • Presentation template
    • Registration of of technical documentation
    • Annual report
  • Souvenir
    • The calendar
    • Notebook
    • Diary
    • Trinket
    • A pen
    • Pencil
    • and other office
  • A uniform
    • Branding uniforms
  • Navigation
    • Nameplates
    • Pointers
    • Volumetric inscriptions
  • Advertising
    • Leaflets
    • Discount cards
    • Banner
    • Pavement sign
    • and other advertising media and materials
  • Special elements
    • Trading equipment (design, rules for displaying goods)
    • Price tags
    • Restaurant menu
    • and other

When you have decided that it is time to order the development of a corporate image and style design for the organization, then the marketing specialists of our agency are immersed in the study of your company’s business and project objectives. We hold meetings, ask questions, and interview.


Based on the results of what we analyzed and based on your wishes, a brief is filled out, a document that will determine the choice of the vector for further work.


We create at least 5-7 options for corporate identity design sketches that conceptually differ from each other. Then, we select only the best ideas and logo options, presenting the most successful concepts to the customer.


We fix the coordinated colors, both primary and secondary, we complete the drawing of details of the style-forming graphics, lines, patterns, patterns. We are completing the development of representative printing products and business documents according to the list that has been approved for development.


Our agency will offer you to order not only the development of corporate identity at competitive and humane prices, but also prepare a guide for its use - brand book. The brand book contains standardized rules on restrictions and the permissible use of elements, preventing blurring of the company's image.

Patent application

If your company decided to defend its development with a patent for an invention, you should be aware that in Russia there is a check-deferred examination system for inventions.

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