Comprehensive social media promotion

How to manage brand reputation and set up a selling ad campaign? - Easily! We will develop a strategy and create unique content that your audience will love.

What is SMM?

Social media marketing ( SMM ) is a set of works to attract the attention of the audience to products, services or to the company itself using social networks.

According to the latest data for 2021, more than 124 million users are registered on the Internet in Russia. 99 million of them use social networks and spend in them daily about 8 hours. Therefore, the company’s presence in social networks, as well as reaching its target audience, is a very important criterion for business development.

The Business Boom team has developed its own comprehensive approach to promoting business on the Internet and packaged it into one service – Integrated Social Media Promotion.

It includes:

  • Development of a strategy and concept for positioning a company brand with an emphasis on the interests of the target audience
  • Setting up and maintaining advertising campaigns for targeted advertising
  • Working with influencers
  • Maintaining groups / channels
  • Development of unique content that will appeal to your audience
  • Working with the image and reputation of the company on the Internet

What are we capable of?

Content marketing

We create unique content, having previously studied the features of the client’s business and its target audience, in order to adapt to the needs of potential customers and achieve maximum results. Each content plan is based on an individual strategy and concept, due to which the following tasks are performed:

  • determination of the most effective social platforms;
  • increasing brand awareness on social media;
  • informing the audience about the brand and its values;
  • attracting new customers and retaining existing customers;
  • detaching from competitors and increasing the expertise of the brand, company;
  • engaging the audience in dialogue

Targeted advertising

The relative freedom of personal information on social media allows us to serve ads to precisely those people who are potentially interested in a particular product or service.

Targeted advertising contributes to the solution of the following tasks:

  • increase sales, attract targeted traffic to the site / group / blog;
  • to collect and direct the attention of the audience;
  • increase coverage;
  • increase awareness, etc.

Social media reputation

The “Business Boom” team periodically monitors brand mentions, and also uses new analytical methods and statistics to work even more effectively on the reputation of our customers on the Internet and to perform the following tasks:

  • manage reputation;
  • increase audience loyalty;
  • quickly respond and eliminate negativity;
  • Analyze mentions;
  • determine the opinion of the audience.

Our advantages

card_icon Full immersion

We conduct a detailed analysis of the client's business, delve into the essence and give honest working recommendations for promotion

card_icon Result orientation

The main principle of our work is to achieve goals and maximum results for our clients

card_icon Team of professionals

We have brought together specialists from different areas of marketing to increase the maximum efficiency several times.

card_icon A rich experience

We have implemented more than 140 successful projects in various areas of Internet marketing

card_icon Wide range of competencies

We always keep up with the times. We use only up-to-date promotion tools and methods within our own comprehensive approach to business development

card_icon Focus on self-development

We constantly improve our qualifications and introduce new knowledge, improving our product

High quality indicators


Conversion of audience to subscribers increases once

on the64%

The number of applications from social networks is increasing

IN 3,2

The engagement of the audience will increase once

On the85%

The cost of an application from targeted advertising will decrease

Work process

What does the cost depend on?

From a range of services arrow

Our approach is the complexity of promotion. However, we try not to provide services that do not provide measurable results based on our experience. Therefore, the cost of the service depends on the chosen complex and its volume.

From the complexity of the task arrow

Each volume and level of materials produced takes a different investment of time, which affects the cost.

From the target audience arrow

The more companies want to reach your target audience with help. advertising, the more competition, which means that in order to reach the largest number of potential customers, you will have to use more funds

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